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We’ve scoured the nation and created some of the finest flavorful urban eats around from every region! Your movie awaits you and so do your tastebuds! So indulge! Loosen that belt one notch, let the spandex work its magic in those yoga pants and sit back and enjoy your show!

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to accept cash or checks.

Friends Toasting Drinks in Theater

Beer and Wine


Genny $6.
Genny Light $6.
Founders All Day IPA $7.
Founders Dirty Bastard $7.
Naked Dove-Berry Naked $6.
Naked Dove-45 Fathoms $6.
Stella Artois $6.
Modelo Especial $6.
Big Ditch Hayburner $7.
New Belgium Fat Tire $7.
3 Heads-Orange Creamsicle (sour) $9.
Blue Barn Westsider $9.
Guinness $7
Heineken $6
White Claw $6


High Note Malbec-Cabernet $8
District 7 Pinot Noir $8

Carmel Road Light Oak Chardonnay $8
Dr. Loosen Riesling $8

Gueissard Rose $8


Benvolio Prosecco $8

Custom Cocktails


Moscow Reindeer

A holiday focus on a classic Moscow Mule, ginger spice, with the added tart & sweet of pomegranate, & a nose of mint freshness.

Poinsettia Bublé

Gin/lemon/pomegranate/St Germain/Prosecco
Juniper, pomegranate & elderflower notes, linger with the bubbles for a refreshing seasonal libation.

Orange Cardamom Yuletide

Vodka/Cointreau/lemon/orange marmalade/cardamom
Orange and lemon flavors balance the cardamoms slightly sweet spice that brings warmth & sweetness.

Winter Whisky Sour

Bourbon/housemade simple/lemon/cranberry bitters/smoked rosemary
A classic with a seasonal twist of cranberry, spirit forward & equally sweet & sour.

Santa’s Nightcap

Kahlua/cream/Goslings Black Seal Rum/Chocolate chip cookie simple
Crisp, spiced & tingling rum bodes well paired with coffee & chocolate chip cookie flavors. (Vegan option with oat milk)

Holiday Margarita

Tequila/triple sec/housemade simple/lime/pomegranate
Do you need some spice to balance the sweetness of the holidays? This margarita takes a classic cocktail flavor & bumps it up a notch! Tart & sweet pomegranate integrates a unique flavor to an already delicious drink!

PB Jubilee

Screwball whiskey/Feugo Cold Brew/cream/chocolate syrup
Peanut butter whiskey coupled with sweet chocolate adds to the robust coffee flavor in this chilled cold brew refreshment. (Vegan option with oat milk)

Roc Around the Christmas Tree Punch

Vodka/cranberry/orange/pineapple/Sierra mist
Refresh with this fruity fusion in a glass. Topped with Sierra Mist for some sweet bubbles.

Jolly Ole Chocolate Candy Cane

Kahlua/Peppermint Schnapps/Godiva Chocolate/Feugo cold brew/frothed cream
Enjoy a blend of coffee notes, peppermint & chocolate with a nose of mint & clarity.



Roman Holiday

Brown Sugar Fig Syrup, fresh lime, ginger beer

Sweet Home Alabama

Blueberry Honey, Lemonade, Hibiscus Tea

The Usual Suspects

Cold Brew, Spiced pumpkin puree, Cream


Pomegranate Juice, Fresh lime, Soda


Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Mountain Dew | Sierra Mist | Crush Orange | Sweppes Ginger Ale | Lemonade | Unsweetened Ice Tea

SM (16oz) 5. | M (24oz) 6. | LG (32oz) 7.

The Co-stars



Real butter or vegan butter available

SM 8.  | LG 11.

Artisan Popcorn

Vegan & GF. Pre-packaged no substitutions.

* Rosemary
* Prickly Pear Caramel
* Churro


Candy Pail

Select 5 of your favorites & we’ll mix them in our candy bucket!

gummi frogs | gummi bears | gummi peach rings | sour patch kids | mini sour gummi worms | skittles | mike n ike’s | frosted Animal crackers | candy blocks | cherry licorice pieces | mini chocolate covered pretzels | choc covered peanuts | Reese’s pieces | Reese’s peanut butter cups | malt balls

16. Just one: 6.

Towering Nachos

Stacked & layered with our signature cheese sauce, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado,  salsa & sour cream on side

Add shredded chicken: +6.
Add beef brisket +8.
Add pulled pork +8.
Add roasted veggies +5.


Filled with cheese, pickled red onions, avocado & pico de gallo. Served with sour cream & salsa on side.

Add shredded chicken +6.
Add beef brisket +7.
Add pulled pork +7.
Add roasted veggies +5

Vegan Quesadilla

A mixture of plant based mozzarella & cheddar, roasted root vegetables in a jalapeño cheddar tortilla. Served with fresh pico de gallo.


Jumbo Pretzel

Our signature jumbo soft pretzel served with cheese sauce & Dijon mustard.



Ricotta drizzled w/honey, brie / prosciutto / pecans / Dried Apricots / toasted baguette.


The Leads

The star of the show: Entrees

(GF Multigrain Bread available from Donna Marie’s Bakery)

The Protagonist

Meatball sandwich / marinara / ricotta / mozzarella / parmesan / basil / salty roll.


The Antagonist

Pulled Pork Sandwich / BBQ sauce / pickled red onions / cheddar / salty roll.

14. Make GF +2.

The Confidant

Beef brisket / sauteed veggies / cheddar / salty roll.

14. Make GF +2.

The Love Interest

Peach Mango Spread / brie / prosciutto / salty roll.

14. Make GF +2.

The Mentor

Footlong hotdog wrapped in salty bread / cheddar / caramelized onions / cheese sauce for dipping. (Baked in advance-no substitutions).


(V) The Rebel

Frito pie style open face / footlong GRASS FED sausage / vegan cheddar cheese / vegan meat sauce / Fritos.


The Outlaw

Meatball Naan pizza / marinara sauce / basil / ricotta / parmesan / mozzarella.


The Hunk

BBQ Chicken Naan Pizza / pickled red onions / cheddar / mozzarella.


The Hero

Naan pizza / roasted root vegetables / marinara sauce / mozzarella / parmesan.



Quinoa bowl / avocado / pickled onions / pico de gallo / black beans /roasted veggies.


The Supporting Roles

Save the best for last, dessert

(V & GF) The Background Actor

Giant Peanut Butter Cup topped with vanilla ice cream or vegan vanilla ice cream.


The Guest Star

Warm jumbo chocolate chip cookie sundae / vanilla ice cream / whipped cream / chocolate sauce.


The Recurring

Funnel Cake with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, sugar, whip cream.


(V &GF) The Series Regular

Brownie / pecans / Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream / chocolate sauce.